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How To Amp Up Your On-the-Go Workouts for Moms at Home

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You have a baby on your hip, the vacuum in one hand, and the pot on the stove is boiling over. Sound familiar? Does it seem like you are struggling to manage your time and your tasks at home? With the full-time job of being a mom, it may seem impossible to get your workouts in. Let’s face it, your day can be filled with craziness!

After reading this article, I guarantee that you will not only have the motivation to work out, but you will also have the exact formula to accomplishing it! Here is how to amp up your on-the-go workouts for moms at home…

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How Do Moms Actually Get Their Workouts In At Home?

Certainly, this question is so complex and there isn’t an exact answer that will work for every mom. Everyone’s day looks different and moms have their own unique commitments outside of taking care of their babies and keeping up on housework.

The good news is…there is a specific formula (laid out below), that can be followed to ensure that you always stick to your workouts and end up with an Amazing Mom Bod! Take a look at this easy-to-read visual that maps out exactly how moms actually get their workouts in at home and succeed at their fitness goals…

If You Are A Busy Stay-At-Home-Mom(or working mom) You NEED a Workout Schedule

Let’s go over the main reason why moms are struggling to get their workout in at home. This exact phrase is what I hear ALL the time…

There is no time to fit workouts into my schedule“.

As a mom myself of two toddlers, I can absolutely relate to this widely used statement. The problem here is you think there is no time for your workout. You are failing to put your health first and exercise is not on your priority list. This is understandable!

How Do Moms Find The Time?

Firstly, analyze a few days of the week and quickly jot down where you can find pockets of free time. Look for 15-minute to 20-minute intervals (ideally 30 minutes if you can!). At the end of your experiment for the week, book those slots in for your workouts! Consistently stick to these times (like how you would treat a job) and you can gradually increase the number of days that you work out. Make sure to start slow so you don’t get overwhelmed and back away from your workouts completely.

After you have found your time and your initial frequency of workouts per week, find a workout program or routine that you can commit to and assign your time slots to.

For example:

Mondays – Back Workout

Tuesdays– Leg Workout

Wednesday – Rest

Friday – Chest/Shoulder Workout

Saturday – Arm Workout

Sunday – Rest

Now you have your schedule set for your week, stick to it and I promise you after 2 to 3 weeks, you will have created new healthy habits and it will become easier to stay consistent. If you haven’t already, then you can start to implement a solid nutrition foundation with healthy eating habits.

Moreover, for moms who are further into their workouts and their healthy eating habits who want to really AMP UP their efforts…

Take a look at The Ultimate Bikini Body Nutrition Plan, it is absolutely pivotal! This ridiculously affordable guide was designed to inhibit weight loss plateaus. It will help you drop fat and simultaneously gain lean muscle. After completing the 12-weeks of this guide, I could actually see my abs and that was after I had 2 back-to-back pregnancies!

Best Work Out Tips for Busy Moms

In addition to having a plan, here are some other tips that I have learned over my 10+ years training myself and others. These have kept me going and have managed to keep me out of falling into a rut:

  • Be prepared for curveballs – Be flexible and always have a plan B. If something comes up, work out later when your kids are sleeping or when you have help to watch them. Use your rest day to work out instead. Just don’t throw in the towel, find a solution!

  • Put on your workout clothes in the morning – I literally roll out of bed and throw on my gym clothes. This way I’m already dressed for my workout and there is no wasted time running around trying to find workout gear right before you are supposed to get your workout in. I also feel obligated to get it in since I’m already dressed for it!

  • Find ways to incorporate your kids – After I get my weights done, I usually throw on a good YouTube cardio workout and get my toddlers to do it with me. Don’t expect for it to go smoothly (I usually pause it 10 times to go chase after someone or to mediate a toddler brawl) but in the end, it’s DONE! You can also find workouts where you can use your baby as your weight which can also be a fun option for everyone.

  • Don’t Stress – if adding workouts to your busy schedule is not working for you then reevaluate your time slot. Sometimes, I get up earlier than my kids to do a distraction-free weight session or I work out after my kids go to sleep. You can also read this article on reducing your stress here or this one here if you want ways to reduce stress.

What Are Some At-Home Workouts That Don’t Require A Lot of Equipment?

Before getting to the absolutely FREE workouts that I have created to help you get started down below, let’s talk about equipment.

These workouts require very minimal equipment and if you don’t already have these, you should definitely get them…

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In addition to these at-home staples, grab a few more essentials before starting to workout, check out this list of Top 10 Best Most Affordable Products for Girls Who Lift.

Finally, we have come to the workouts! Don’t forget to pin these so you can always reference back to them when you need to do a workout.

Putting It All Together…

I made a promise at the beginning of this article. After reading this easy-to-follow guide, I guaranteed that you would be pretty much an expert on finally getting your confidence back and becoming a strong, fit and healthy mom! Now you moms have learned how to amp up your on-the-go workouts at home. Now it is time to execute the plan!

Tell us if we helped motivate YOU to get started with your workouts. Comment below!


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