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The Top 10 Best Most Affordable Products For Girls Who Lift

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Whether you are an avid gym-goer or just getting into the fitness world, there is one thing to keep in mind. Consistency is always the key to success. This piece of advice was something I have always kept in the back of my mind throughout my many years of growing into a fitness professional. As an experienced trainer, I can truly say having the right equipment at your disposal will make your journey to reaching your goals a lot easier. The focus of this article is to give women who lift, the most affordable effective products they can use anywhere.

Those who have been successful at hitting their fitness goals will tell you, they have had to improvise. Having a plan-B in case the gym is closed is also another tip to have ready and tucked away!

If you are looking for ways to keep your momentum going then you are in the right place! I’ve put together a list of must-have products that will help you stay on your path to getting fit and healthy.

Be sure to read until the end to get the most out of the article! Now let’s get started (in no particular order)…

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#1. A TRX Style Training System

Check out how versatile this system really is. Make sure to grab this essential piece of home-gym equipment right HERE!

It is no surprise that girls who lift are hardcore about their training. Even if you are a beginner this product is a must-have. Having a back-up plan if you can’t make it to the gym, will keep you on course to your fitness goals. Let’s face it, life throws unexpected curve-balls at all of us.

This Fitness Training Pro Suspension System from Amazon is a fraction of the price of other TRX systems. What’s nice is, if you don’t have one of these you can get it by tomorrow with Amazon Prime.

#2. Marcy 3-Tier Dumbell Rack

One piece of home-gym equipment I wish I bought sooner was this specific rack. I admit that I am a bit obsessed with how my weights are organized (along with everything else in the house!). Keeping your weights off the floor and in order is critical to how your workout is going to go. One of my mantras I swear by is physical clutter always equals mental clutter.

Most of the time, we are busy and need to maximize our time when we are training. The Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack, really allows you to find what you need fast and eliminates the clean-up time.

You can get it right HERE without even getting out of your pyjamas!

#3. Bosu Balance Trainer

When this particular Bosu ball was added to my fitness arsenal at home, it was a game-changer! I hit a fitness plateau that was at first, difficult to get out of.

Incorporating this Bosu Balance Trainer into my weekly training sessions, made a huge difference in my core strength and overall balance. The best part was, it gave me variety which was exactly what I needed to helped kick me out of my plateau!

Get it HERE!

#4. Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are not only lightweight and convenient, but they are also extremely easy to bring with you anywhere! That means you can work on your progress wherever you go. You can also hit almost every muscle group with these- what’s not to love about them?

One thing that is not so good, is when your resistance bands snap in the middle of a set. That is why these MKAS 3 Pack Long Resistance Bands are rated so highly on Amazon! They are heavy-duty, made out of fabric, and personally, one of the best sets I’ve come across in my training career. Buy Them HERE!

The new Reebok x Cardi B collection is here. Fresh colorways and a new apparel line designed by Cardi to shamelessly catch some eyeballs.

#5. The Right Kicks

NANO FLEX Women’s Trainers

The right shoes for your performance are always important, especially if your workouts are frequent and intense. Not only do you want something comfortable on your feet, having amazing-looking shoes will help you feel like the queen of the weight room!

I love coordinating all my shoes with my workout outfit, and these Reeboks are my favorite kicks to rock. You can get some amazing deals on Reebok trainers HERE right now.

#6. Deep Bass Wireless Earbuds

One thing that can make-or-break a workout is when you forget your headphones. There have literally been times when I drove to the gym, got into the change room, and realize I left my headphones on the kitchen table. Maybe it’s just my baby brain but I have resorted to driving all the way back home just to get them-not kidding!

Music is everything when pumping out your sets. It can help you get that one last rep in. It can also get you in the right mood if you are dragging your feet.

These Monster Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 in-Ear Headphones here are waterproof, wireless, and have the best bass for their very affordable price. You won’t regret scooping them up!

#7. Leggings That Help You In All The Right Places

We’ve all checked out the Tik Tok Amazon leggings videos. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to get these leggings. The one question everyone wants to know is, do they actually accentuate your butt? The answer is- YES!

When I tried these particular ones out, they were the comfiest gym pants I’ve ever owned. I have tons of Lulus, countless pairs of Underarmor and Nikes, but these top everything!

They make you look amazing and the best part? They are literally under $30 AND you can get them by tomorrow if you have Amazon Prime. Click the link and grab your pair if you don’t have them already.

Get them right here now!

#8. A Good Foam roller

Anyone that has ever worked out, even once, knows that muscle soreness is a REAL side effect of working out. Although you may come across some pain and soreness, usually it is because you broke down some muscle. In order to build muscle, we want this! Your body will replace those micro-tears with better muscle fibers, in other terms your hard work is paying off.

I always use a foam roller before and after a hard workout in order to get the blood flowing. Foam rolling can also help the lymphatic system get rid of lactic acid and improve symptoms of delayed muscle onset. If you don’t have one yet, grab one here and do your sore muscles a favor! Get it here.

#9. A Good Shaker Bottle

After a good workout, it is always a good idea to feed your muscles to get the most out of your efforts. It is important for all girls to know, you are not going to bulk up and look like a bodybuilder by drinking protein after lifting! That takes years of hard work and specific training. Protein will help you gain some lean muscle mass which is usually the goal if you want to look your best.

Getting a good shaker bottle that isn’t going to break if you drop it off the bench you set it on, is always a good idea. This one right here is a must-have because it mixes really well without that annoying stainless steel ball that always ends up getting lost. You can also mix your pre-workout in this too!

#10. A Chin-Up Bar

Lastly, I would really recommend getting a chin-up bar for at-home use. Chin-ups are one exercise women often stray away from. Why? Well, it’s hard- plain and simple! If you want to get better you need to identify the areas in your own fitness journey that are lagging. For me, it was my back and my legs. This is why in order to bring those muscle groups up to par with the rest of your body, you need to work them more often.

Having your own bar at home will allow you to get your back stronger if that is a place where you need improvement. Let’s face it, a girl who can do a solid set of chin-ups is badass! You can also use a chin-up bar to strengthen your core with hanging leg raises or chair leg ups. Get it here!

Putting It All Together…

Now consider yourself pretty much a professional on having the right tools to never miss a workout. Use these products to look amazing, feel prepared, and help motivate you to push forward. Every lioness should have these affordable fitness staples!


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